NEIC Advertising Policy


Over the past year NEIC PMI BOD has received several inquiries regarding advertising goods or services through our chapter. As a result, this proposal has been approved regarding NEIC PMI advertising policy and procedures.

General Guidelines

  • Any organization or individual may submit advertisements.

  • All items submitted for publication are subject to review by the NEIC PMI Board of Directors. The NEIC PMI BOD has the right to refuse any ad, and will refund all monies accompanying the submitted ad.

  • Advertisements must meet the criteria of professional appeal or interest to the NEIC PMI membership. Generally, advertisement should be focused on project management related products, services, or organizational awareness. Advertisements that do not meet these criteria will be rejected.

  • Announcements made on behalf of PMI International or other PMI chapters will not be considered advertising, and thus no fees will be charged.

  • The following disclaimer will accompany all paid advertising: The NEIC PMI chapter publishes this advertisement as a service to our members. This is not an endorsement of the services or products of this vendor by the NEIC PMI chapter.

Website Guidelines

  • Advertising links will open in a separate browser so that access to the Website will not be interrupted.

  • No popup windows, banner ads, or animation will be accepted.

  • Ad material should consist of one 125 X 125 pixel graphic, and up to 50 KB of supporting ad material.

Submittal Requirements

  • All advertisements must be publication-ready. This means they must be electronically transferable writing and graphics, camera-ready art or logos, and/or typed information. The NEIC PMI BOD will not modify or maintain advertisement material. Suggested formats include MS Word, MS Excel, or PDF formats.

  • Publication ready information and the name and telephone number of a contact person (for questions about the material) should be submitted directly to the VP of Communications.

Submittal Deadlines

  • All newsletter advertisements must be submitted 30 days prior to the next monthly newsletter publishing date. Deadline is the end of the first full week of the following months: January, February, March, April, May, September, October, and November.

  • No submittal deadlines are put on advertising that will be placed on the NEIC PMI chapter Website. Website advertisements will be posted at the earliest opportunity of the NEIC Webmaster.


Note: since newsletters are published on the NEIC PMI Website, by definition, charges for ads placed in the newsletter will also include a minimal charge for posting on the Website.


  • $50 for each 30-day period, $100 for each 90-day period. Longer durations will be reviewed and quoted upon request.



Type Approx. Single Issue Two Issues Three Issues Eight Issues
 Business card (or 6 lines of text)  2 1/8 x 3 7/8  $15  $24  $30  $60
 1/4 page  3 7/8 x 5  $25  $40  $48  $100
 1/2 page  3 7/8 x 10 or 7 1/2 x 5  $30  $48  $57  $120
 Full page  7 1/2 x 10  $50  $80  $96  $200


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