PMI Regions Map

The Project Management Institute has mapped the world-wide local chapters into fifteen regions. The North Central North American Region, Region 2, is comprised of 21 PMI chapters. Twice a year, the leadership of the Region 2 chapters meet to share best practices and lessons learned. The Region 2 meetings occur in the spring and fall of the year.

The first day of the meeting is called the Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) meeting. The SAG is comprised of the chapter presidents and PMI Region 2 component mentor. The goal of the SAG is to deliver on the promise of increasing member value by focusing on the road ahead and gathering input on how to improve operations. The rest of the meeting is called the Leadership Institute Meeting and is dedicated to following our "True North." The Board of Directors from all the Region 2 chapters come together to share knowledge and experiences, collaborate, and participate engagingly.