How to Join PMI and the NEIC

To join the chapter, one must first be a member of our parent organization, the Project Management Institute (PMI) .

There are several ways you can join:

  • Via the PMI membership web pages

  • Directly online via secure pages on the PMI website

  • By sending an Email to PMI headquarters and request a membership packet, which will include a booklet on benefits, as well as the application form

  • Attend one of our chapter monthly programs! We always have PMI application booklets available.

  • Regardless of the method you choose, make sure you indicate you want to join the Northeast Indiana Chapter. Our chapter number is C164.

Cost is:

  • $120 per year PMI member dues, and

  • $20 per year PMI - NEIC chapter member dues

One can not join the chapter without joining PMI. As a non-member, you may attend chapter meetings and seminars, but at a slightly higher rate.

Our Vice President of Membership welcomes questions or comments about membership.